Benefits of Applying Oil on Wet Hair

There are numerous benefits of applying oil on wet hair, which is why many conditioners and contain shampoos different oils. It’s the best alternative to any chemical-loaded store-bought conditioner.

According to a study published in 2016, the researchers found that applying oil on wet hair resulted in increased hair elasticity. It also trapped the moisture within the hair and increased the breaking point and tensile strength of the hair.

Benefits of Applying Oil on Wet Hair

It is recommended that you apply oil to your hair while it is dry. In moist conditions, the larger molecules of oils may not be able to reach your scalp and hair tissues. But there are its own set of benefits of Applying Oil on Wet Hair. It’s the greatest chemical-free alternative to store-bought conditioner, especially if you have naturally wavy hair. You can wash your hair, wrap it in a towel to make sure there’s no water dripping, and then apply 2 drops of oil to your palms and run it down the length of your hair shaft. When your hair is dry, it will be softer and easier to untangle than when you used a conditioner.
It’s fine to oil somewhat damp but not soaked hair. Towel-dried hair, after the towel has absorbed the majority of the moisture, is the best.
Applying oil to damp hair aids in the retention of moisture and, as a result, luster and softness. However, depending on the type of oil, the amount should be very little, always less than one centimeter in diameter. It should be applied in droplets to fine hair.
It’s best to apply it from the tips to the lengths, keeping the oil away from the roots and scalp.
When one perspires, this prevents the hair from smelling stale and the scalp from being infected.
However, just as there are two sides to every coin, there is another aspect to putting oil to wet hair. It’s important to remember that putting oil on wet hair isn’t a good idea. Wet hair is quite fragile. Oiling wet hair can cause hair loss in certain people.
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How to apply oil on wet hair?

You should apply the oil after wetting your hair with water or a herbal concoction. This procedure involves applying it to both the hair and the scalp. It’s up to you how long you leave the oil in your hair. You have the option of leaving it in for several hours, one hour, or 30 minutes. It’s best if it lingers in your hair for a long time.
After that, wash your hair with a gentle shampoo that is free of comedogenic and dehydrating ingredients.

Oiling Wet Hair vs Dry Hair

When you add oil to wet hair, the water repels it, preventing the oil from penetrating the follicles. Oiling damp hair, on the other hand, aids detangling and provides protection from heat styling equipment. Oil gives lustre to dry hair while also protecting it from UV radiation and pollutants. Furthermore, dry hair can effectively absorb oil. However, you should be cautious about the amount and frequency with which you use oil. Below are the steps of applying Hair oil the traditional way.

How to apply hair oil
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