How to Get Brown Hair Dye Off Skin? As Per Experts

Nowadays, applying hair dye and giving your hair the desired brown color is so easy. Unfortunately, the skin around your hairline your hand shares the same destiny. The coloring process often stains your skin and is not at all desirable. Getting brown hair dye off your skin is as easy as washing off with basic water and soap.

However, things get tricky if you don’t act quickly and miss to wash the brown hair dye off your skin. In this scenario, the brown hair dye can leave pigments on your skin for a longer time. In the sections below we have explained several expert tricks to easily get the brown hair dye off your skin.

How to Get Brown Hair Dye Off Skin?

We will approach the brown hair dye removal process from the skin on a step-by-step process. We would recommend following the steps one by one and stopping whenever the dye clears off. Let’s not skip any of the steps as the processes down the line could be overkill in your case.

Step 1: Soap & Water

Using soap to remove dye stains from your hairline or face is the first step. Using warm water and soap, wash the affected area. Stains may be prevented by removing the stain as soon as possible.

You may be able to remove the color by wiping it off before it dries or immediately after applying it.

It may be necessary to attempt one of the following procedures if it doesn’t work, or if the stain has already settled. 

Step 2: Try Oils or Petroleum Jelly

You can also use baby oil, olive oil, or petroleum jelly to clean the hair dye pigmented area. Use your fingers to massage it into the skin. Continue massaging until the brown dye color starts fading away. By now you should be noticing the brown color fading gradually – this indicates that it is working!

If it removes the hair color stain, then that’s a good thing. If not, keep it on for six to eight hours, then wash it off with warm water and mild soap. If you touch your linens while you sleep, the oil might get on them, so it is better to cover them. Make sure to use lukewarm water to wash it off.

In spite of its mildness, it’s important to keep petroleum jelly out of your eyes since it might cause irritation.

You may try the below-mentioned different ways of removing hair color if you’re not satisfied with the results you’re getting with oils. 

Step 3: Use Toothpaste

Since toothpaste is slightly abrasive it will remove stains without being harsh on sensitive skin. Take some toothpaste onto a cotton ball, or apply it using your fingers. Gently massage it on the skin and leave it on for 5-10 minutes. Use a soaked washcloth or makeup remover pad to wipe the residue.

Toothpaste can easily remove hair dye stains from your skin. We suggest you use non-gel toothpaste on the stained areas to get the best result.

After scrubbing, rinse with warm water, dry, or repeat the process as needed.

If you’re still not achieving the results you need, then you can move on to the next hair dye removal method.

Step 4: Apply Makeup remover

It’s possible to get rid of dye stains from the skin using your makeup remover. Using a cotton pad, rub some makeup remover over the stain for five minutes. The color of the stain will gradually fade. Always moisturize your skin after using an alcohol-based remover.

Compared to the rough DIY, it’s a lot milder. Wipes may be used instead of cotton balls if a cotton ball fails to remove the brown stain. When it comes to color removal, most wipes include oils that don’t irritate the skin. Wipe the stain with a wipe and let it sit for five minutes before washing it away with warm water.

Step 5: Apply Rubbing Alcohol

If none of the above tricks worked, you can try using rubbing alcohol. Dab a cotton ball or pad with rubbing alcohol. Take a little amount and apply it to the brown-stained area of your skin. Gently rub and rinse it off with soap and warm water as soon as the color has been removed.

You may not want to use rubbing alcohol on sensitive or dry skin since it might be drying and cause redness.

Step 6: Remove the Hair Dye with Time

The best healer? Time! Doing nothing is at times the best option! As time goes on, hair dye stains on your skin will fade until they vanish completely. A week or less is all it takes for most brown hair colors to disappear off the skin. Waiting it out may be the best option for your brown hair color stains if they are not in an obvious location or aren’t really visible to others.

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Will permanent hair dye come off skin?

Yes, permanent hair dye will come off the skin in just a few washes. The permanent hair dye only gets embedded in the outer layer of the skin. With every wash, your skin pores will release these color pigments and fade. To remove it faster, you can try applying some oil to loosen the color pigments.

Does hand sanitizer get hair dye off skin?

Yes, hand sanitizer gets hair dye off the skin but it should not be used on your face or neck. Applying hand sanitizer on the skin can cause dryness, redness, and in extreme cases eczema. Many people have also experienced an extreme sense of burning and itching.

Does milk remove hair dye from skin?

Yes, milk can remove hair dye from the skin and can be very effective. Milk contains lactic acid that can break down the hair dye’s color pigments on your skin, making it easier to remove. It is natural and will be very gentle for your skin.

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