How to Get Wavy Hair for Men

Wavy hair may add movement to your hair and make it seem thicker. With a little hair product and effort, you can liven up your hair. Let’s look at the most efficient approach to convert straight hair to wavy hair.

We yearn for what we lack. Straight-haired guys want wavy strands, whereas wavy-haired guys desire straight strands. However, there is now hope for straight-haired guys as we demonstrate how they may enjoy both.

Many of the below-mentioned processes of achieving wavy hair for men have been based on scientific studies and we have also tried on our salon clients.

How to Get Wavy Hair for Men with Curling Iron (Heat Method)

Like many guys, if your hair is naturally straight and you’re having difficulty adding volume, try a wavy look. Use a curling iron and a few hair products to create relaxed wavy hair for a daily look or a night out. This method works equally well on long or short hair.

You’ll need a curling iron, a hair serum, and a protective finishing spray.

  1. Curling your hair in sections is the most effective way to get the wavy look. Using a comb, divide your hair into two equal sections on each side of your head.
  2. Apply a protective spray or serum to the loose area of your hair to keep it from drying out while curling.
  3. Before curling the region, run the curling iron over the ends of your hair in quick, flowing strokes. As a consequence, your hair will be soft and ready to curl.
  4. Take a small section of hair about one to two inches in length from the loose part. Wrap a section of your hair around the curling iron in a direction away from your face, beginning at the base and working your way up to your roots.
  5. Once you’ve curled all of your hair, you’ll want to make the curls seem more loose and wavy. Comb the curls in sections with a wide-tooth comb, gradually loosening them up with the comb.
  6. Once you’ve gotten the ideal wavy hairstyle, spritz it with a finishing spray to keep it in place throughout the day or night.

How to Make Straight to Wavy Hair without Heat

Styling products, such as those used in the shower, are necessary for altering the shape of your strands. If you use a powerful conditioner, your hair will likely return to its natural state sooner after adding waves. Select a light composition and concentrate application on the drier regions. Consider a detergent-free shampoo that doubles as a conditioner.

Hair that is not completely clean will retain its waved shape better. Clean hair is slicker and glossier, which makes manipulation more difficult. In any case, understanding how to clean a hairbrush will help you avoid cluttering your hairstyle equipment. You’re looking for grip, not slickness, and your natural oils will act as a kind of styling product.

Pin curls Method for Men’s Wavy Hair

This well-known wavy technique has a lengthy history. All that is necessary are your fingers and a few bobby pins! Simply divide your hair into tiny sections, wrap it around your finger, and pin the base of your wavy curl. Leave the pins in overnight to get effortless, gorgeous wavy curls with any hair type.

  1. Take a section of hair from the top of your head and brush it through from root to tip using your fingers or a comb. Pull your hair tight and use your dominant hand’s index finger to secure the end of your hair. To get the best results, curl your hair while it is still damp.
  2. The more fingers you take, the greater your curls will be at the end of that portion. Wrap the hair around your fingers with your fingers until it reaches your scalp. With care, remove your fingers and place the curl on your head flat.
  3. Secure the curl with two bobby pins in a crisscross style. Continue sectioning, rolling, and pinning your curls until your head is completely covered in pin curls.
  4. To get the best results, let your curls set overnight. Put a silk wrap over your hair to maintain your curls. Pull the cover up to your hairline and wrap it around the back of your head. This is a simple method for protecting your hair while it naturally dries. Allow your hair 12-15 hours to settle before removing your pins.
  5. When your hair is dry, remove all bobby pins gently to show your pin curls. Take your time with this process because for the time being, you want your curls to remain tight.
  6. After removing all pins, use your fingers to gently shake and comb over your curls to assist separate them and give them a fuller appearance.

Braids Method for Men’s Wavy Hair

While curled wavy hair is an excellent look for a night out or a special event, the repeated use of a curling iron may be quite damaging. Braiding results in silky, wavy hair without the need for damaging heat. Before braiding the hair, ensure that it has been washed and is still fairly damp. If your hair is naturally wavy, a loose side braid will give you relaxed curls. If your hair is straight, try tight braids for more consistent waves. After that, you may style your wavy curly hair to seem classy and attractive.

  1. To begin, wash your hair as usual. Shampoo and conditioner are necessary, even more so if you have coarse, dry hair.
  2. Allow your hair to air dry or finish the process with a blow dryer. Maintain a damp but not soaking wet state for your hair, as this will assist in setting and curling your braided hair.
  3. Verify that your hair is knot-free. Brush or comb (with wide toothed Comb) your hair while it is still somewhat damp.
  4. If your braided hair is prone to frizz, coat the ends of your hair with nutritious hair oil before to braiding. Rub a dime-sized amount of hair oil into the ends of your hair with your hands. If you have fine or straight hair, this will almost certainly result in the curl not holding. So, in that scenario we will recommend using some other options mentioned in this article.  
  5. Squeeze a little amount of lotion or mousse into the palm of your hand. Apply it evenly throughout your hair, beginning in the center and working your way down to the ends.
  6. A minimum of one hair tie is required to complete a side braid. Two hair ties are required to create tight braids.
  7. Once you’ve braided all of your hair into one, wrap a hair tie over the end of your side braid to secure it in place.
  8. Once the braid has been in your hair overnight, or for at least 6-8 hours, gently remove the hair tie and braid. Your hair should have loose waves at the ends for a relaxed, curled appearance.
  9. To keep your curled hair in place, spritz it with hair spray or use a little quantity of curling cream. Gently scrunch your curls with your hands. Additionally, you may flip your hair over to add volume to your curls.

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Headband Method for Men’s Wavy Hair

Making headband wavy curls is a simple and fast way to get large, voluminous curls or waves without the use of heat. To create gorgeous wavy curls, wrap somewhat wet hair around an elastic headband placed horizontally on your head. Remove the headband and let your curls to flow freely! Leave your hair coiled around the headband for up to 6 hours. If you keep your hair wrapped around the headband for an extended amount of time, your curls will be tighter and last longer. Making headband curls and waves is an excellent way to get bouncy, voluminous wavy curls without damaging your hair or spending a fortune on equipment.

  1. Before starting to create your headband wavy curls, brush or comb your hair to remove any knots. Brush or comb the tips of your hair, then elevate the brush about an inch and brush into your hair. Brush your hair up in a downward motion until you reach the crown of your head.
  2. Headband curls work best on somewhat wet hair since your hair will dry into the shape of the curls. If your hair is completely dry, dampen it briefly by holding it under the faucet. Additionally, you may spritz your hair with a water spray bottle. After a shower, wait until your hair is almost dry before attempting this hairstyle.
  3. When you apply curling cream or mousse to your hair, it gets a little bit drier and more structured. Due to the texture of the curl design, it grips better and lasts longer. If you already have thick, textured hair, you may not need to apply anything. If your hair is silky and somewhat slick, putting product to your curls may make them look more defined.
  4. After moisturizing and adding product to your hair, it’s time to put on the headband and begin producing the wavy curls. Wear an elastic hairband like a king’s crown, with the band running diagonally over your forehead.
  5. Loop a little section of hair through the headband. After you’ve secured the headband, it’s time to begin looping your hair! Begin by removing a small strand of hair framing your face on either the left or right side. The strand should be around the width of two fingers. Pull the strand over the headband and then beneath it to produce a complete loop.
  6. Once you’ve finished the first loop over and under the headband, take another little portion of hair right next to the one you just looped and combine the two strands into one.
  7. Continue adding and looping to the hair portion you’re currently working on until you reach the hair behind the ears.
  8. On the other side, repeat the loop-making technique, beginning on the opposite side and working backwards to create loops. Come to a stop when you reach the back of your head.
  9. Wrap the headband’s back section around it. As with the other hair, loop the whole section of hair hanging down at the back of your head under the headband. Due to the fact that it cannot be combined with any other hair, just loop the hair around the headband until it reaches the points, then tuck the tips under the headband.
  10. After inserting the clips, spritz your hair all over with hairspray. Hairspray will aid in the retention of your hair’s wavy curl pattern after you’ve taken the headband down.
  11. The bulk of the labor required to create this hairstyle is completed once your hair is sprayed with hairspray! Allow anything from one hour to six hours to bring down your curls. The longer you wait, the tighter and longer-lasting your curls will get.
  12. When ready to complete the hairstyle, remove the pins from your hair, unloop the hair strands from the headband, and gently remove the headband. Now you have lush, curly, or wavy hair!

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