How to Make Straight to Wavy Hair

You can get a more fuller and bouncy look by transforming your straight hair to wavy. With just a little effort and a handful of products, you can make it possible. Let’s see How to make straight to wavy hair in the most effective way.
We desire what we don’t have. Those with straight hair want wavy, while those with wavy hair want straight strands. But there is now hope for the straight-haired people as we present you the ways so that they can enjoy both.

How to Make Straight to Wavy Hair without Heat

Styling products, including those used in the shower, are essential for modifying the form of your strands. If you use a strong conditioner, your hair will likely go flat sooner after you add waves. Choose a mild formula and apply it mostly to the drier areas. Try a detergent-free shampoo that can be used as both a shampoo and a conditioner.

Hair that isn’t super clean will maintain the waved form better. Hair that is clean is slicker and glossier, making manipulation more difficult. You want to grip, not slickness, and your natural oils will serve as a type of style product.

When looking for ways to straighten wavy hair, the most common method is to use heat. However, wavy hair may be achieved without the use of a curling iron. If you have hair extensions, you’ll want to stick to these procedures as much as possible because repetitive heat treatment might harm them.


Making headband curls is a quick and easy technique to get big, voluminous curls or waves without using heat. Place a headband horizontally on your head. Make sure your hair is damp and loop it around the elastic headband to produce exquisite curls. You need to keep your hair coiled for at least an hour to nightlong.

  1. Brush or comb your hair to eliminate knots before beginning to make your headband curls. Brush or comb your hair tips, then raise the brush about an inch and brush down into your hair. In a downward manner you need to brush your way up your head until you reach the top.
  2. Because your hair will dry into the form of the curls, headband curls work best on somewhat damp hair. To dampen the hair, you can use a water spray bottle to spritz your hair or use a faucet. After a shower, wait until your hair is almost dry before attempting this hairstyle.
  3. When you use mousse or curling cream, your hair becomes somewhat drier and gets more structure. This lets the wavy shape lasts longer and holds better. You may not have to do apply any of these products if you one of few with already thick hair. Applying product to your curls may make them seem better if you have smooth, somewhat slick hair.
  4. It’s time to put on the headband and start creating the curls once you’ve moistened your hair and added product. Like a crown, place the hairband on your head and wear it over your hair, with the band diagonally placed around your forehead.
  5. A little piece of hair should be looped through the headband. It’s time to start looping your hair after you’ve placed on the headband! Pull the strand over the headband, then loop it under the headband to form a full loop.
  6. Once you’ve finished the initial loop over and under the headband, take another little length of hair just beside the one you previously looped and make two strands into one by combining them.
  7. Continue to add and loop to the hair areas until you reach the hair at the rear.
  8. Continue the loop-making procedure on the other side, start with the otherside and moving backwards to make loops. You can halt after reaching the rear of your head.
  9. Loop the rear part of the headband around it. At the backside you will notice a whole section of hair that needs to be looped under the headband, just like the hairs before. Because you won’t be able to combine it with any other hair, simply loop the hair around the headband until you reach the points, then tuck the tips beneath the headband.
  10. After you’ve inserted the clips, spritz your hair with hairspray all over. This will assist your hair maintain its wavy shape after you’ve taken the clips off.
  11. The majority of the work to achieve this hairstyle is done once you spray your hair with hairspray! To pull down your curls, wait atleast for an hour to overnight. Your curls will get tighter and longer-lasting depending on the time you can wait.
  12. When you’re ready to finish the hairdo, remove the pins from your hair, unloop the hair strands from the headband, and draw the headband away carefully. Now you have your Curly, wavy, and luscious hair!


Curled wavy hair is a fantastic appearance for a night out or a special occasion, but the repetitive heat from a curling iron may be extremely harmful. Braiding gives you smooth, wavy hair. Make sure the hair has been washed and is still somewhat moist before braiding it. If you have naturally wavy hair, a loose side braid will give you relaxed curls. For more consistent waves, consider tight braids if your hair is straight. You may then style your curly hair to seem sophisticated and appealing.

  1. Start with washing your hair. Shampoo and conditioner are essential, especially if you have thick, dry hair.
  2. Use a blow dryer to dry your hair or you can also allow it to air dry. Make sure your hair is moist but not dripping wet, as this will aid in the setting and curling of your braided hair.
  3. Make sure your hair is knots free. Brush your hair with a brush or comb while it is still somewhat moist.
  4. If your braided hair tends to get frizzy, add nourishing hair oil to the ends of your hair before braiding. Using your hands, rub a dime-sized quantity of hair oil into the ends of your hair. If you have fine or straight hair, this however, may likely prevent the curl from holding.
  5. In your hand, squeeze a tiny quantity of lotion or mousse. Starting in the centre of your hair and going down to the ends, apply it evenly throughout your hair.
  6. To perform a side braid, you’ll need at least one hair tie. To make tight braids, you’ll need two hair ties.
  7. Wrap a hair tie over the end of your side braid to keep it in place once you’ve braided all of your hair into one.
  8. Remove the hair tie and carefully remove the braid once it has been in your hair overnight, or for at least 6-8 hours. Your hair should have loose waves on the ends, giving you a relaxed, curled look.
  9. Apply a few spritzes of hair spray or a little amount of curling cream to your curly hair to keep it in place. Scrunch your curls softly with your hands. You may also turn your hair over to give your curls more volume.

Pin curls

This curling technique is quite old and well known. Only your fingers and a few bobby pins are required! You need to twist small parts of your hair around your fingers and place pins on curls. To achieve easy, beautiful curls with any hair type, leave the pins in overnight.

  1. Grab a piece of hair at the crown of your head and brush it through with your fingers or a comb from root to tip. Tightly pull your hair and place your dominant hand’s index finger at the end of your hair. Curl your hair when it’s wet for the greatest effects.
  2. The larger your curls will be at the ending of that part, the more fingers you take. Using your fingers, wrap the hair around your fingers until it reaches your scalp. Remove your fingers with caution and put the curl flat on your head.
  3. Pin the curl with two bobby pins in a crisscross pattern. Continue to segment, roll, and pin your curls until you have a complete head of pin curls.
  4. Allow your curls to set overnight for the maximum results. To preserve your curls, put a silk cover over your head. Allow 12-15 hours for your hair to set before removing your pins.
  5. Remove all of your bobby pins after your hair is dry to reveal your pin curls.
  6. After removing the pins, to make the hair look fuller and separate them, you need to gently comb and shake through your curls using your fingers.

How to Make Straight to Wavy Hair with Curling Iron (Heat Method)

If your hair is straight and you’re having trouble adding volume, consider creating a wavy appearance. To get relaxed wavy hair for a daily appearance or a night out, use a curling iron and a few hair products. This works on both short and long hair.

You’ll need a curling iron, a hair serum, and a finishing spray to protect your hair.

  1. Curling your hair in parts is the most efficient technique to get the wavy style. Using a comb, divide your hair into two even sections on either side of your head.
  2. Apply a protective spray or serum to the loose section of your hair to keep it from drying out while curling.
  3. Run the curling iron over the ends of your hair in fast, flowing strokes before starting to curl the area. Your hair will be silky and ready to curl as a result of this.
  4. Take a tiny portion of hair from the loose part, roughly one to two inches in length. Starting at the base and near your roots, wrap a section of your hair around the curling iron.
  5. You’ll need to make the curls seem more loose and wavy once you’ve curled all of your hair. You can use a wide-tooth comb to loosen up the curls in parts.
  6. Now that you’ve achieved the perfect wavy hair style, apply a finishing spray to keep it in place for the remainder of the day or night.
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