Top 10 Professional Hair Care Brands and Products of 2021

One of the most effective ways to break free from our daily routines, improve our confidence, and refresh our spirits is to reward ourselves with life’s small luxuries. When it comes to hair and skincare, the same may be said. While we don’t typically think twice about spending a small fortune on unnecessary accessories, many of us continue to use average haircare products and ignore our hair’s needs.

Today we bring to you the Top 10 Professional Hair Care Brands and Products of 2021 that have the best reviews in the industry for your healthy and fabulous hair.

Benefits of Using Professional Hair Care Products

Silicone, sulfates, and alcohol are found in low-cost hair products, which cause build-up, cause hair color to fade fast, and dry out your hair. Using a professional hair product is far more crucial than you may believe.

Cheap products not only contain harsh chemicals that harm your hair but are also watered down to the point where you need twice as much as a professional product!

The ingredients quality is what actually distinguishes premium hair care products from more affordable alternatives. The majority of less costly products contain chemicals that make our hair feel nice on the outside but do nothing for our hair’s health or inside. Some contain waxes that make the hair feel silky for a short time, but you soon notice that the products don’t have the same impact as they had previously.

Ingredients with a lower molecular size are also used in luxury hair care products, allowing them to enter and nourish hair more thoroughly. Inexpensive shampoos and conditioners build layers on your hair, causing it to feel greasy. It’s the accumulation of products caused by the usage of bigger silicone molecules. You’re paying for the quality, technology, and research that goes into producing good ingredients when you use luxury hair products. They also seem to last a lot longer since they are so concentrated.

And while high-end hair care manufacturers devote more time and resources to formula development, the end result is frequently a product that does more for your hair. Some high-end hair care brands will include multifunctional products, allowing you to get more bang for your buck with just one product.

Shampoo as an Example: Aside from the obvious reasons, take shampoos as an example of why you should quit buying store shampoo. Salon shampoos are much more concentrated, so you need a lot less of it. As a result, you’ll have to buy shampoo less frequently. Salon shampoos are also more effective when it comes to cleaning your hair and scalp. Salon shampoos are the clear victor since they require less hair washing and stay longer.

Shampoos from the supermarket include foaming chemicals that are highly drying to the hair and give the impression that the product is cleaning well. When, in fact, the detergents in them are foaming up. They can cause a silicon build-up in your hair, making it seem heavy and lifeless. The silicon buildup is what gives your hair that silky smooth sensation, however, it’s merely a coating left on the hair by the shampoo and conditioner.

If you decide to lighten your hair in the future, this accumulation might cause problems. The accumulation of silicon in the lightning product may trigger a chemical reaction. The chemical reaction generates heat, causing the lightener to function faster than it should. This causes jelly hair or, even worse, hair that has become so heated that it has burned off. This is an irreversible procedure that may happen in a matter of minutes.

Conclusion on Regular vs Professional Hair Care Product:

Cheap products not only contain harsh chemicals that are harmful to your hair but are also watered down to the point where you have to use twice as much as a professional product!

We, as hairstylists, don’t just want to make a profit off of you; we take pleasure in our job (your hair) and want it to be well-maintained. We want you to keep your hair in good shape, which you can do by using the proper hair product.

If you’ve spent hundreds of dollars for a colour job, don’t squander it by utilising low-cost hair products. It’d be like eating at a high-end restaurant and smothering your entrée in Value ketchup. The chef, as well as your stylist, would be offended if you used low-cost items.

Top 10 Professional Hair Care Brands and Products of 2021

It’s hard for me to choose just one brand or product line, to which I can totally commit. I’d like to create my own hair product brand someday, but till then, these are my favourites. Please visit their websites to learn more about each brand.

Knowing what items to utilise as a consumer may be quite daunting. To help you decide, I’ve included a list of my very favourite hair products from each brand.

[While I’m sharing my favourite hair products with you, my articles may contain affiliate linked to these items. If you take action and buy something after clicking one of my links, I’ll get paid a commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks to you, I’ll be able to keep offering you great hair advice in the future!]


Brand Identity: Olaplex was created in 2014 by Dean Christal, who collaborated with scientists Dr Craid Hawker and Dr. Eric Pressly to develop a novel chemical that operates from inside hair strands. Colourists went crazy for this brand since it started with a game-changing restorative in-salon treatment. It’s all because of a brand-new technique that focuses on mending the protein connections that are disrupted when hair is processed chemically.

Olaplex is a haircare line that every good hairdresser recommends for keeping strands healthy.

It doesn’t simply cover up flaws and make hair seem smoother. Olaplex really helps to strengthen its structure.

The Olaplex offering line-up has 9 steps, two of which are in-salon treatments for those who bleach or colour their hair often. These help to avoid breaking during the colouring process and ‘glue’ damaged connections back together.

Our Favourite Product:

The No.3 Hair Perfector is the brand’s best-selling product for a reason. No.3 Hair Perfector is a styling product, not a conditioner. No. 3 is an at-home bond builder with the same active component as all professional Olaplex solutions. The patented technology relinks damaged disulfide bonds in all types of hair, allowing for true structural restoration from inside. It claims to be able to restore and mend chemically treated/damaged hair in the comfort of one’s own home.


Brand Identity: Lindsay Holden, Britta Chatterjee, and Shannon Kearney, all working parents, connected over a shared complaint: restrooms with crammed haircare products. Odele, a clean hair care brand for the whole family, was born out of their dissatisfaction with overcrowded cupboards and showers.

A range of all-natural, super-affordable, gender-neutral, and, most importantly, effective formulations. Every one of these criteria is checked by the brand.

Our Favourite Product:

There are plenty of air-dry products in the market, but none of them, in our opinion, perform as well as the Air Dry Styler. A fantastic air drying product adds a subtle sexiness to your hair while also removing frizz. It gives your hair a really lovely style and is an excellent substitute for sea salt spray. This product makes styling your hair after you get out of the shower a breeze and offers you stunning results. It doesn’t appear under-done or over-done; it’s in the centre. This is the product for you if you want to make styling your hair easier on days when you don’t want to use heat on your hair.


Brand Identity: Nancy Twine felt driven to leave her work at Goldman Sachs to seek a new career after growing up seeing her grandmother make handmade hair and beauty products. Nancy is the creator and founder of Briogeo, a plant-powered haircare product that is now accessible nationally. She is also a prominent authority on green beauty and the youngest African-American woman to launch a line for Sephora.

Briogeo has evolved into a comprehensive haircare brand with eight different product lines and legions of dedicated followers, but the brand’s commitment to high-quality, pure ingredients remains a priority, despite the brand’s now worldwide success. Whether your hair is dry, damaged, or thin and fragile, there is a Briogeo product that will help you.

Our Favourite Product:

The Don’t Despair Repair Deep Conditioning Mask is a miracle. It is an intense and proven hair treatment that restores vital hydration and enhances resistance to guard against future damage.

This mash restores vital moisture and natural brightness to dry, brittle, over-processed, and generally dull locks in minutes. This mask contains Briogeo’s NOVA Complex, which provides an ideal combination of transformational elements such as b-vitamins, rosehip and argan oils, collagen, and algae extract to restore damaged hair to a lustrous, healthy and shiny condition.


Brand Identity: Oribe Hair Care was established in 2008. Daniel Kaner recognised an opportunity in the professional hair care market to establish a brand that offered a distinct, boutique viewpoint within the industry, together with two partners, including famous hairdresser Oribe Canales. To establish a new category in hair care, the brand combines craftsmanship, performance, and decades of styling knowledge from the elite of the magazine and salon industries.

Oribe is now a best-selling, award-winning brand that has created strong bonds with its customers.

Our Favourite Product:

Anyone who enjoys a nice blowout should purchase Imperial Blowout Transformative Styling Hair Cream, which is a must-have for adding softness, lustre, and volume to their hair.

Iconic Oribe blowout that is flawless and lasts for days while styling in strength, density, softness, and shine. After just one application, hair looks and feels healthier and younger, thanks to this ultra-nourishing solution that smoothes away indications of damage and ageing.

Bounce Curl

Brand Identity: This brand is not for all and caters only to females with curly, coily, and wavy hair. Merian Mismmo, the inventor of Bounce Curl, has brought a scientific twist to natural hair care’s formulation process. Merian utilized her talents and equipment as a chemist to bring Bounce Curl to life as a curly girl with a Bachelor’s of Science and with a speciality in chemistry. Her hair obsession began when she was ten years old when she learned to accept her naturally curly hair. Her family pushed her to nurture and care for her curls with natural, handmade substances, which subsequently inspired several of her Bounce Curl products. Natural ingredients are used in all of the brand’s cleaning, conditioning, and styling formulations, which are specifically designed for all various sorts of curly textures.

Our Favourite Product:

Curl Defining Butta is our favourite product from the line-up and is the most hydrating of all. This mixture helps to combat frizz while also increasing elasticity and infusing moisture into the hair shaft. This 2 in 1 hydrating Defining Butta is designed particularly for type 4a-4c hair or thick hair and is great for wash and go’s or twist outs.

The fragrance has an irresistible creamy perfume with mild notes of exotic fruits, tempered by a luscious and opulent combination of white jasmine and magnolia blossoms, finished out with sandalwood and vanilla.


Brand Identity: This brand features ten unique collections of products for various hair types, textures, and style preferences, with a focus on giving a little bit for everyone. Clean beauty lovers will enjoy the formulations’ elimination of over 1,300 hazardous ingredients, as well as the fact that the packaging is 100 per cent recyclable.

Our Favourite Product:

It’s not simple to bring out natural waves, but the Sexture Shampoo does just that. It uses a mineral called zeolite instead of drying salt to give strands a beautiful beachy feel without being crunchy or harsh.

Living Proof

Brand Identity: When MIT scientists are engaged with a haircare business, you know there’ll be some pretty remarkable technology at work, and Living Proof is no exception. Founded in 2005 by a group of biotech experts, the company today has 20 patents covering 50 items, resulting in one-of-a-kind substances and technology.

Our Favourite Product:

Perfect Hair Day Shampoo is made with Living Proof’s proprietary Healthy Hair Molecule (OFPMA) that offers the five advantages for a great hair day—volume, smoothness, strength, gloss, and conditioning. It is a breakthrough shampoo that allows you to wash your way to beautiful, healthy hair.

Perfect Hair Day Shampoo contains OFPMA, a proprietary Living Proof molecule that not only makes hair attractive and healthy but also keeps it cleaner for longer. The benefits are immediate and improve with time. PHD Shampoo, Conditioner, and Styling Treatment transform the way you style and care for your hair when used together.


Brand Identity: The story started when an ex-army colonel discovered a technique to extract the wonder ingredient Alpha Keratin 60kuTM, which was shown to also restore hair while utilizing keratin for wound healing and tissue renewal. Virtue was formed when they patented the protein for consumer usage.

Alpha Keratin 60kuTM is a human keratin protein that is pure, complete, and ethically obtained. Its molecule has the same precise size as ours, so our systems recognise it right away, and it works to fill in and repair any damage in each strand of hair. According to the brand, it has been clinically shown to restore structural integrity. Good news for hair that is brittle, damaged, or over-processed.

Our Favourite Product:

The Healing Oil, which combines the unique Alpha Keratin 60ku with a combination of natural oils, may be used as a treatment or a styler. It provides lots of softness and shine, while also strengthening hair and protecting it against environmental harm, whether you use it on damp or dry hair.


Brand Identity: Pattern is Tracee Ellis Ross’ creation, and it’s all about fulfilling the requirements of individuals with curly, coily, and tight textures by providing a chosen range of products that accomplish just that. Everything from cleaning products to stylers to treatments is available, as well as specialised equipment and accessories designed specifically for this group of hair types.

Our Favourite Product: The Scalp Serum is unlike any other hair product we’ve ever seen, and it’s perfect for all hair types, from locs to curls. Thanks to a combination of stimulating peppermint and rosemary oils, the focused applicator makes it simple to apply the product straight onto the scalp, where it helps moisturise and freshen the skin.


Brand Identity: Kérastase blends tricky science with hairdresser skills and capabilities to create one of the most famous and well-known salon brands. It’s a unique combination that results in a wide selection of extremely effective products that work for all hair textures and have something to satisfy everyone’s unique hair care requirements.

Our Favourite Product:

If you use a night cream on your face, why not offer your hair the same treatment? That’s the premise behind the 8H Magic Night Serum, a deeply nourishing product that works as you sleep, soothing, moisturising, and detangling hair so you don’t wake up with a bedhead. There’s no need to rinse when you wake up, simply be ready to be amazed by the outcomes.

Final Words

I haven’t covered all of the wonderful hair products made by the companies above. These are just a few of my personal faves that I’ve come to know and love over the years and maintain in my salon on a daily basis.

If you’re not sure if you’ll like the product, start with a modest size so you don’t end up having a whole container of it sitting in your cupboard for years!

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