Top 5 Funny Makeup Challenges and their Videos

Makeup vloggers have stepped up their game with challenges in recent years. Some are creative and entertaining to watch. Others, however, are really fun to watch. Here are the Top 5 Funny Makeup Challenges and their Videos.

Emoji makeup challenge

Social media is a strange place that never stops surprising you. The ’emoji makeup challenge’ is its most recent offering. Participants in this trend select emojis of their choice and recreate them according to their interpretation. These stunning transformation films, shared under the hashtags #EmojiMakeup and #EmojiMakeupChallenge, are a work of art that you must see.

Makeup artists have let their imaginations run wild with everything from charming bears to ocean waves, and from deadly monsters to melons. While some kept it basic, others chose to show off their beauty skills by applying delicate designs and bright colors to their faces. Some people added props to their outfits to make them stand out even more. Many used Katy Perry’s smash “Dark Horse” to add drama to their videos.

Social media platforms are flooded with jaw-dropping makeovers that you ought to check out right now, allowing artists to unleash their creative side. We’ve chosen the video above as an example for you.

Underwater Makeup

In recent years as makeup challenges have gotten increasingly popular on YouTube, there has been a push to make them more difficult and extreme. As a result, the Underwater Makeup Challenge, which began in June 2018 with Cloe Breena, was born. Breena’s channel features an Extreme Makeup Challenges playlist as well as two different underwater playlists, so it’s hardly odd that she’d try to merge the two into a single, truly funny, impossible task.

There’s the reality that executing this task will actually damage every piece of makeup you use, as the above competitor for the challenge failed terribly trying to deal with the logistics of keeping your eyes open underwater and holding your breath long enough to apply some makeup. While there are plenty of other stupid challenges that are equally meaningless, at least some of them are entertaining.

Blindfolded Makeup Challenge

For this one, you’ll need a fearless companion. This beauty challenge will require two individuals, and I recommend including your roommates, partner, siblings, and even parents in the video as they try to do your makeup with their eyes closed. As you apply cosmetics to the other person, one of you will be blinded. Remove your blindfold when you’re finished to see the cosmetics look you’ve made! Of course, your friend should return the favor!

Opposite Hand Makeup Challenge

Remember how difficult it was to write with your non-dominant hand and how sloppy your handwriting became as a result? Now it’s your turn to put it on your face! Use only your opposite or non-dominant hand to apply cosmetics to your entire face. Use your opposite hand to apply full-face makeup and have fun while doing so; the results may be wobbly, but they’ll be a lot of fun!

Random Colour Makeup Challenge

In the video above, the vlogger attempts to create a good cosmetic look with random lipstick, blush, and eyeshadow colours. If you have the opportunity, give this a go at home; it’s a lot of fun.

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