10 Benefits of Short Hair for Guys

By Rupa Das


Women are more attracted to men with short hair

Short Hair looks More Professional

First impressions are everything, especially when attempting to close a sale, and wearing a man bun just ruins the impression.

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For hundreds of years, short hair has been associated with masculinity in the west.

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The History

When Alexander the Great was in charge, he made sure all of his soldiers had short hair to give them an edge on the battlefield. Hairstyles with short hair grew more popular as society developed

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According to many studies, men with short hair are less likely to suffer from dandruff.

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You would hate to lose a match since your lengthy hair is interfering with your ability to see the field.

Look Younger

As per studies, when guys have a short haircut, they seem to be many years younger than their real age.

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Uses less hair products such as gel/wax, hair color, hairspray, conditioner, hair relaxer, mousse, cream, hair glue, volumizing, lotion, and shampoo.

Short Hair is Easy on Pocket

Easier to Maintain

To style short hair, all you have to do is get it up, use your fingers, and maybe a single product. Your morning ritual will be cut drastically.

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Sleep Better

It is considerably more pleasant to sleep with short hair than with long hair.

Bottom Line

Men like Captain America, Superman, and James Bond have taken short haircuts on the big screen. When it comes to power, short hair has been the norm for everyone from military men to super-heroes.

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