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What Is Deep Conditioning?

By Rupa Das


Deep conditioning is the process of applying a thick, restorative mixture to your hair while employing steam or moist heat to promote the formula’s penetration.

Rebuilds molecular layer

Replenishing moisture is key to repairing dry, damaged hair and promoting the growth of thicker hair.

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It’s a common misperception that deep conditioners work primarily by entering the hair and moisturizing it from within.

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Deep Conditioning a Lie?

The majority of deep conditioners are just ordinary conditioners used for a longer period of time. Big firms generally thicken up your ordinary conditioner.

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However, there are several deep conditioners available in the market that is much more than a regular conditioner. Deep conditioning has different advantages based on the substances utilized.

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When it comes to hair health, it’s important to keep the pH of your hair and scalp at the right level.

The Science

In scientific research, a pH level of 7 was shown to encourage the maximum absorption of conditioner to your hair. It’s preferable to keep the pH between 6 and 7.

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Different Ingredients have Different Effects when added in Deep Conditioner

Check the Ingredients

When oil is added

Adding oily components to a conditioner recipe increases efficacy that sticks to your hair. In addition, the oils provide additional smoothness and elasticity.

When salt is added

Adding salt to the conditioner reduces its ability to absorb to hair. Due to its higher “charge,”.  It increases friction in your hair.

When Proteins are added

Water-soluble proteins help your hair retain moisture. Protein in hair care products slows down the loss of moisture from hair.

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How much?

More conditioner adsorbed to the hair implies higher concentrations of cationic conditioner or protein in your conditioning product. So, try a tiny quantity and see which product works best for you.

Ideal Temperature?

Deep treatments at 35°C/95°F can virtually quadruple the quantity of cationic conditioning chemicals that cling to your hair compared to treatments done at room temperature or below.

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The bottom line is even with regular conditioning you still need to deep condition.  Unlike daily conditioners, deep conditioners feature a higher concentration of moisturizing, emollient, and humectant chemicals and are kept on the hair for longer.

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