Before Trimming my Own Hair

5 Things I Wish I Knew 

By: Rupa


Your regular scissors are not ideal for cutting or trimming hair. You would need professional scissors (shears).

The right tool

Scissor vs shear



Have 2 symmetrical equal-sized holes

Have 1 small finger hole and another for larger fingers.

Is for Multipurpose 

Professional tool 

Average blade length & sharpness

Longer & Sharper blades


No matter how you much you try, You wont be able to reach the back of your head and trim properly

Reaching the Back


Your DIY Haircut results would always be inconsistent and wont look as good as you would have expected

Inconsistent Result


Average home scissors have comparatively dull blades that causes hair split ends and may lead to other hair issues

Split ends

The whole purpose of cutting your hair at home is to avoid salon, but with the chances of you ruining your hair in the process is much higher.  And you may eventually have to meet a Pro to get the damages fixed


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