10 Causes of Flat Hair & How to Fix

Hair may look flat for a variety of reasons. It’s never a good appearance, whether it’s inherited or acquired in some other way.

It’s possible to have bouncy, full-of-life hair even if you have thin, lanky strands. Everything begins with identifying the causes of your flat hair and addressing them with the appropriate products and equipment.

What Causes Flat Hair & How to Fix

Hair that is weighted down may become flat and lifeless as a consequence. Over time, product residue, oils, grime, and other impurities like these may accumulate and cause your hair to seem brittle and flat. When you don’t wash your hair for a few days, it naturally gets flatter and greasy at the roots.   Use the appropriate hair-care products to make your hair appear a bit more elevated. You may also temporarily enhance your flat hair with hair styling products if you’re in a hurry. For more information on both approaches, keep reading.

1: Fine hair can Make Hair Appear Flat

Fine hair is simpler to maintain, but there are drawbacks. Due to the absence of natural structure, fine hair tends to make people seem more flattered. Teasing is the greatest approach to getting around this problem. For proper teasing, you’ll need the correct comb to use.

It’s the ideal styling tool for giving your hair a little more lift. Teasing combs are used to add texture and volume to hair by gently grabbing onto individual strands. They have a lot of teeth or bristles, so they break down less and are more comfortable. Teasing combs include rat-tail ends for dividing your hair into pieces. With these combs, you may create a plethora of different looks.

When you tease your hair, you comb it backward. Comb your hair back and forth to add volume and form clusters, or tease, for a fuller appearance. It’s easy to add volume and lift to your hair by backcombing your roots, ends, and other areas.

2: Styling can Cause Flat Hair

Bad style may also leave hair looking flat. If you’re straightening your hair, avoid running all the way towards the ends of the roots with the iron. This will result in flat hair. If you’ve previously straightened your hair, a little teasing and hairspray can help make it seem less flat. It’s also critical to make an investment in the appropriate equipment, which will speed up and streamline your process. It’s essential to use a heat-protective hair product to keep your strands from being severely damaged when you style them.

If you have flat hair, the incorrect haircut may accentuate it even more. Hair that’s excessively long or lacking layers may make your mane seem heavy and lifeless, as opposed to light and airy.

Layers added to your haircut are a more long-term option. They may make thin, flat hair seem fuller by adding volume. This hairstyle provides the illusion of having more volume and energy because of the way it’s styled.

3: Grease Causes Flat Hair

Often, grease is the primary cause of flat hair. As you go about your day, a mix of natural oils, grime, and humidity that your hair generates during the day can begin to weigh down your tresses and make them seem flat. Fortunately, fixing this problem is a straightforward process. The solution is as easy as using dry shampoo, which quickly absorbs any excess sebum or natural oils on the hair.

You are well aware that greasy and oily hair may give the impression of being weighted down. A simple remedy is to spray some dry shampoo into your hair for a more natural look. It will absorb any extra oils that may be creating a flat hair appearance, making your strands bouncier, and gives it a fresh lease of life till you wash them again the following day.

4: Product Build-up Cause Flat Hair

A build-up of styling products is another frequent cause of flat, lifeless hair. Dried mousse and sticky hairspray are just a few of the possible causes. In addition to making your hair appear flat, product residue may add a considerable amount of weight to it. Even after shampooing, certain polymers in hair products, such as deep conditioners, may resist water and cause hair to weigh down.

Be very cautious and avoid such products to avoid flat hair.

5: Thin hair

Thin hair, like fine hair, is often inherited, although the two are distinct. When you have thin hair and perhaps bald spots, your hair seems flat and lifeless. Removable hair extensions are a fast fix for thinning hair.

Hair extensions are often used to make hair seem longer and fuller by adding more volume to the strands. People with fine, flat hair will like this product since it’s a simple, everyday remedy.

6: Wrong Products can Cause Flat Hair

It’s important to consider your hair’s texture when deciding what works and what doesn’t, so choose a product that’s made specifically for your hair type.

And it’s not just about the products; be sure to apply them properly as well to your hair. Incorrectly rinsing out shampoo or applying conditioner too near to the roots may cause your hair to seem flat. Be patient and educate yourself on the ingredients in the products you’re using.

Making the incorrect choices when it comes to shampoo and conditioner may cause your hair to lose its volume. If you’re looking for anything that will keep your hair moisturized, using moisturizing conditioners and shampoos is a wonderful option. The problem is that in reality, they may not be providing you with the volume-boosting results you’re looking for (Unless they’re clearly marked as such and include substances that truly increase volume).

Keep in mind that, ultra-hydrating chemicals may have a negative effect on your scalp’s oil production while doing little to reduce the accumulation of current products on your hair and face.

7: Nutrients

You should also give your hair adequate nutrition if you want fuller-looking hair. Incorporate specialized hair care products into your regimen in addition to a balanced diet for stronger strands. The idea is to use caution while selecting products.  If your hair is very brittle or damaged, an intense deep conditioning treatment can help restore its suppleness and luster. Deep condition your hair 3 to 4 times a month for optimum effects.

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8: Hair Serum and Conditioners

The most common conditioner error made by individuals with flat hair is applying conditioner all the way to the roots. Conditioners are known for their rich, moisturizing formulations, which are designed to replenish hair’s natural moisture and nourishment. While this is excellent for dry mid-lengths and ends, it may severely weigh down roots if used excessively. This results in hair that appears flat.

Using hair serum may sometimes do more damage than good to the roots, especially if you’re going for a natural look. Because of the oil and thick composition, hair serum is similar to conditioner in that it may drag down your strands due to added weight. Instead of hydrating your hair roots and scalp with hair serum, apply it to the mid-lengths to the ends of your hair when using one.

9: Overactive Sebaceous Glands Cause Flat Hair

Did you know that your scalp has the greatest proportion of sebaceous glands throughout your body, apart from your back, chest, and face? According to research, the production of sebum by these glands reaches its apex during puberty. As you become older, your sebum secretion activity tends to decrease. Overactive sebaceous glands, on the other hand, may cause greasy hair with a flat top if you have them. According to several studies, having poor hair days around “that time of the month” is linked to an excess of oil on your scalp.

Aside from them, a diet rich in animal products, alcohol, soft drinks, and dairy may also stimulate the sebaceous glands. Sebum production is likely to be higher if you’re physically active and perspire often.

If you have thin, fine hair, you may have greasy hair all the way down to the tips. Coily and curly hair types, on the other hand, have a tendency to loop and zig-zag, creating obstacles for natural oils as they flow down the hair shaft. This causes your hair to seem flat since it weights it down from root to tip.

10: Harsh Hair Product Can Cause Flat Hair

Using harsh chemicals on your hair depletes your hair’s natural oils. The natural oils in your hair give it luster and shine while shielding it from damage caused by the surroundings. It’s possible that the incorrect shampoo is harming your hair’s luster and health. There are a variety of parabens and colors in shampoos and conditioners that may cause long-term harm to the hair as well as making it appear flat and lifeless in the near term. The most frequent cause of dull, flat hair is heat styling.

Choose gentler shampoos that have been prepared with greater care. Choose a product free of parabens to prevent your hair from drying out excessively. A mild shampoo won’t remove your hair’s natural oils as a harsh one would.

Bonus Tips to Fix Flat Hair

  • If you have trouble with flat hair, the hairspray you are using to keep your style in place may make a difference. Try to find a hairspray that includes a volumizing ingredient in the composition.
  • Changing the part of your hair may do wonders for your flat hair. After using the same parting for a long period, your hair will become used to the direction it flows. Your hair roots will be rubbed in a new direction if you alter up your hair parting. This results in an arch effect, which strengthens your roots.
  • Hair mousse is an additional style product flat-haired women should always have on hand.
  • Using rollers to create bouncy curls can immediately add volume to your hair. It is recommended to apply the rollers before you start your makeup routine and allow them to do their job.
  • A half-up hairstyle may be the answer if you’ve noticed that your hair is looking flat at the crown of your head. Hair near the crown of the head may be styled into a top knot or a party ponytail . Your half-updo will immediately give your slender hair more volume.
  • Another method for managing and removing build-up from flat hair is to use a pre-shampoo scrub. Use it on damp hair, massage it in, and then rinse it with conditioner and shampoo.
  • There are styling products on the market that are especially intended to give the illusion of having thicker hair. When it comes to heat-free options, our favourite is volume spray. This may be used to instantly add body and fullness to flat hair. You may use it on specific areas, such as your roots, or all over your hair depending on your needs.
  • Volumizing shampoo and conditioner, on the other hand, may give flat hair the push it needs.
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